Birthday Reflections…

So today is the day… 38 years ago I was born at 10:50 PM at Fort Shafter Hospital in Honolulu HI!!

Every year, around the time when December 31st rolls around, many people make “New Year’s Resolutions.”  In my adult life I have not been one of those people preferring to make my resolution/revelations/plans for the next 365 days as I reflect back on the previous 365 days counting from birthday to birthday. So today as I mark the completion of my 38th year on earth I reflect…

WOW! This past year has been a whirlwind… I left California for what I called a re-location vacation on my way back to New Orleans stopping to see many sights along the way (Biked across the Golden Gate, Sushi with an old friend in Montery, Wine Tasting in San Luis Obispo, Circque du Soleil in Vegas, Hoover Damn, the Grand Canyon, and then chill mode as I passed through New Mexico, and Texas to make it home safely.) It was GREAT and I did that about two months before my 37th birthday.  My plan was to move home to New Orleans, to re-group, get re-focused, and make a decision about my next journey.  I had some difficulty finding a job once at home and so I did a couple of short travel assignments before settling down in New Orleans in January.  I made a plan:  I will live in New Orleans for ONE year; as my 2010 birthday approached, I would re-evaluate things and make plans to make a new move by the end of the year.  If you have already been a reader of my blog you know that this year I have truly been in transition. While transition can be hard, I always embrace it because I realize that’s what life is… one transition after another.  I know that after transition comes the birth. I wondered what this transition meant and when/how/what/WHERE would I be birthing.  One thing I now know and have come to accept is that in spite of my prior “plans,” my “birth” will be happening right here in New Orleans! No moving for me anytime soon. “Sigh… breathe… Whooo sah… smile” and so it is!

As I reflect this birthday afternoon, the sun is shining, the weather is mild, I am planning the rest of my celebration and I am reminded I definitely have a lot to be grateful for. IMHO the best way to start any day is in thanksgiving. Right HERE, and right NOW, while the transition continues (its been going on for a year now LOL) I know the Birth is on the horizon and I am grateful. I am reminded today that I have GREAT friends and family (near and far) who remind me how much I am loved on a regular basis. It feels good to be loved ya know?! I am excited about this new blog of mine. It’s taking shape and things are taking off. I have new outlets, new ideas, and a renewed commitment.  With the closing of one door comes the opening of another and blessings abound if you look forward and open it!! And so it is with this new blog.

Professionally, I am looking forward to getting back into midwifery practice… I feel it coming soon. I was given a “provisional” license by Louisiana and I am in the process of finding a job. My book is slowly taking shape and my online prenatal classes will be re-launched as well!!

Of course there is my health, a house over my head, food to eat, the fact that I can breathe freely and have no unmet needs! God is Good!! I am grateful for all that is mine and all that is meant to be and all that is coming. I give thanks and praises and I am happy to be entering the 39th year of this journey called life.

One thing I reflect on each year is how much I want to continue to celebrate life. Life can be hard but that doesn’t mean we have to lie down and take a beating. Yes I have trials and tribulations,  and more importantly I also have triumphs and celebrations.  I want to focus more on the later.  Focus on DOING what is right instead of focusing what I may have done wrong. Focusing on where I am going and not where I have been.  Focusing on the new beginnings instead of the tired endings! That’s my new birthday resolution. When we change the focus of our camera lens we  just might find that the picture is more clear, more beautiful and there is so much more to see! Do you need to change the focus of your lens?

Thanks for joining me on my journey….


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