Whose BIRTHday is it anyway??

One of my favorite lines from Birthing From Within

“After a birth in our baby-focused culture we announce:  “A baby has been born.”  In a mother-focused culture like the Ticopia of the Solomon Islands, the birth of child is announced by saying “A mother has given birth.”

I love the imagery that brings to my mind.

So my mother is killing cancer right now. For those of you who currently or have had a loved one with cancer you know that it truly gives you a new appreciation for being well and living life. Every day is a day to celebrate life.  Yesterday was a special day of celebration for both of us because it was my “birthday.” As I gave my mother a big hug I told HER “Happy Birthday” cause really it was the day that SHE gave birth to me 38 years ago.  She gave birth and I was born… So whose “BIRTHday” is it really?!  😉


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