Wordless Wednesday… Erykah Badu Supports Midwifery!


Ms Badu with Safia Monroe after speaking at ICTC's Saturday night award dinner



2 responses to “Wordless Wednesday… Erykah Badu Supports Midwifery!

  1. I know Erykah gave birth to all 3 of her kids at home and that she also nurses all of them into toddlerhood, but I SO would have loved to hear her speak. Can you maybe write a post about what she said if you remember?

    • Oohhh chile! ….. she said a lot. I will have to think about a way to bring that into a post. I am still working on a post to share a few of the nuggets I received at conference. Perhaps I will include a few words from her. (if I can remember LOL)

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