Wordless Wednesday… I LOVE My Hair

I Love My Hair


2 responses to “Wordless Wednesday… I LOVE My Hair

  1. So cute! Was just reading on another site that this was actually created by a white man for his daughter who is black and adopted from Ethiopia. She had been given Barbies to play with (that’s another story for another day) and began telling her parents she didn’t like her hair, and wished it was long and blonde like Barbie’s. So the dad created this video for her and all of the other little black and brown girls out there.

    • It was indeed created by the lead writer for Sesame Street. He did adopt an Ethiopian daughter and barbie doll or not she woulda wanted in the words of Whoopi… “long luxurious blonde hair” cause that’s what we want as little girls who don’t see or hear positive things about OUR hair. That’s certainly what I wanted. Or I at least wanted it to be “kinky and curly” LOL which it was/is not either HA! I am sooooo happy this video is out and available for my future daughters and granddaughters :-)) I love it. BTW… in case you haven’t seen it… check out the remix of this muppet singing Willow Smith’s I whip my hair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4AVd8El-QY It is PRICELESS!!

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