Change your perspective…

We have all heard it many times before… Perspective is everything… it’s not what happens to us it’s how we respond to what happens…. the difference between a glass half empty and a glass half full is perspective…. and the list goes on….

I always love it when one of these age old adages slap me in the face in a very literal sense.  Not only does it help you with the one simple thing you may be dealing with it also reminds you of the bigger meaning and helps jolt you into new action.  This is exactly what happened to me this morning.

I am currently living in a temporary space and it has been a bit difficult for me to work/write because no matter where I sit, or where I put my computer, the space, the height, the angle is WRONG… I want a space for writing/working where I can watch a little television, if I want to, be connected to the internet via this stupid ethernet cable (can’t wait to get home and my wireless internet) and be able to sit in a reasonable comfortable position.

To date, I have tried different spaces none of which were perfect while each had their own merits.  Ultimately, the space that has worked “the best” and the space I have used the most has been the couch with my computer on the coffee table. Honestly though… this really has NOT been a great situation. The Ethernet cable hardly reaches and I am slouched over and uncomfortable. I have tried to move the television, and the attached internet connected cable box closer but it only helped me minimally. Then this morning I got a bright idea… how about I move the sofa AWAY from the wall and instead of struggling to bring the cable box closer to me I can move closer to IT.  I know I could have purchased a longer cable wire but I have done that more than once and have no need for an additional Ethernet cable in my possession.

Okay… I know…. I am thinking and doing way too much and going waaaayyyy too far with this but it just made me think… Why was I so connected to keeping the sofa where it was. Why didn’t I think about moving the sofa before now??? Who knows, but I am happy I decided to move it today!!  😀 Perspective…

Change your perspective and suddenly answers that you thought you didn’t have, vision that you are struggling to see, direction that you desperately need…  all of it… all of a sudden comes into view.

Where can you use a new perspective today? Lean to the side. Get a different view and a new perspective and MAKE it happen.  Get out there and Birth Something!!

Nicole SistaMidwife Deggins


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