Finally… Two Beings Are ONE

Last night while at work I saw The. Most. Beautiful video depiction of life creation I. Have. Ever. Seen!!! It’s called Genesis and it’s a computer generated video by a gentleman, David Ramos. It begins even before the time that sperm meets egg and in less than 6 minutes moves through cell duplication, each stage of fetal development and ends with a beautiful baby.  I initially watched the video on a co-workers I-phone.  She mentioned when she first saw it… she almost cried. I didn’t get that feeling at that time but I was in awe.  It was FABULOUS!!

I had never seen anything like it… His attention to detail, the obvious love and passion he put into this video was clear. I could not wait to see it on my computer screen to see it in bigger form and YES Gina… once I did get that opportunity… I too almost cried!  This video is BEAUTIFUL.  It seems that he was inspired by the birth of his baby.  And I am happy he was.  He ends this video with this… the only words included:

Au final, deux etres
Ne font plus qu’un
Le 09 mars 2006 a 20h32.

Translation:  Finally two beings are one. March 9, 2006 ~ 8:32 PM

WOW!!  Once I read the translation I was really on the verge of tears. What do you think of this video?? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!


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