The Saddi Khali Collection

“I started taking pictures to capture a beauty I had no words to describe, to illuminate the miracles in the mundane, to make us see ourselves” ~  Saddi Khali

As I approached 2011 I knew that I wanted to add some vivid images to my blog.  Specifically, I wanted to share beautiful images of African American mothers, fathers, babies and families.   I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but I knew stock photos were NOT it.

In the past, I have shared a few photos on some random Wordless Wednesdays but I felt like I wanted to do something different.  As I thought long and hard about where I could find some fascinating pictures to share, a light bulb went off in my mind and I contacted an old friend of mine… who just happens to be a fabulous photographer. I asked him if I could showcase some of his work and he agreed to be the first artist featured for my 2011 Wordless Wednesday Series.  If you missed it, the first picture was posted Wednesday.

Saddi Khali, spoken word artist and photographer extraordinaire has a discerning eye and a special gift.   When he brings together his natural talent, his camera lens, and his imagination he uncovers beauty and showcases love.  His vivid images are emotion filled and leap off the page.  I am excited about sharing his work and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

What I share here on my blog through upcoming Wordless Wednesdays will only be a sampling of what he has to offer. Take some time to visit his website to learn more about him, the man, and his work.  With a home base in New Orleans, he travels the country helping others see the beauty within themselves.  If you like what you see, let him know, book him for your very own session, purchase a print.  Share the love!

“This collection is an act of war…a war of love, a war that cannot be won unless we all fight incessantly, unyielding and with our whole selves. Welcome to the trenches. Make a statement. Join the fight. Love real people.” ~ Saddi Khali

In the end I know you will agree that through is work Saddi definitely knows how to “Birth Something Beautiful”™

In Birth and Love


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