Should I consider Natural Child Birth?

Should you consider natural childbirth? In a simple word YES!!!

Yes you should consider Natural Childbirth. Does this mean that I believe everyone is, or everyone should have natural child birth. No… natural birth is not for everyone; however I do believe EVERY woman should learn about,  understand, investigate, and consider natural child birth. This week I had the opportunity to write a guest post on the blog Naturally Free RD, and I wrote about this very topic.  As I wrote, I thought to myself…. “How many women really want a “natural Birth?” so I decided to do a quick poll to ask you all that very question.  Please take a moment to answer! 😀


If you have 15 minutes, I recommend you take a look at this “Home Birth Documentary Project” Like natural childbirth… while home birth is not for everyone learning about home birth can help you make better decisions about your birth in general. Be open to learning about birth in all its settings and you may find that what you thought you knew and what THEY told you about birth is far from the truth of things.  Get the facts.  Learn about your options and allow your new knowledge to move you to Birth Something Beautiful™.

In Birth and Love,


2 responses to “Should I consider Natural Child Birth?

  1. I think every mom should prepare somewhat for a natural birth. There is no guarantee of an epidural, so having some tools is a great idea!

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