Monday Musing: Looking 4 Balance ~ or ~ Finding That Sweet Spot

Finding balance…. that seems to be the newest theme in my life.  While I have always worked toward living a balanced life this whole concept has most certainly moved permanently into my consciousness over the past 4-5 weeks.

What does it mean to live a balanced life?  To me it means having enough time to get the MUST do’s  and the HAVE to do’s done while leaving time to do some of the WANT to do’s, some of the WISH I could do’s and then when it’s all done in full balance there remains a little time left over to do absolutely nothing.  Being busy is nothing new for me. I have had periods that have certainly been busy in my life and no matter how busy I have always found a way to balance. The past few weeks however, have proven to be a new test: 

I officially started a new job that has me feeling like I am in grad school again with the amount of reading, studying, emailing, and reports I have to write. (Not complaining BTW. I think I’m going to really like this job and what it offers)

I am still working my old job.  Not often. Just once a week on average but it is still something on my list of MUST dos and I still don’t like the job so that does not do well for a balanced Spirit.

I am working to maintain my blog which you can see has not been happening the way I would like it to.

I am still working to re-start my Sista Midwife Pregnancy Coaching business that got side tracked last year because of “trademark” mess.

I am the South East Rep for ICTC and along with basic membership/leadership duties, I am helping to plan the ICTC regional summit that will be taking place in October in Biloxi MS. There are many things that I should be doing as the SE rep but time has not permitted them and so those things remain on my WILL do one day in the future list LOL

I needed to really start getting my work out on. I am waaaayyy out of shape and so I have recently put this on my MUST do list instead of my WANT to do list. It’s been GREAT for my body, spirit, and soul.

I have emptied my storage unit and moved the boxes/things into my mother’s living room.  While she is happy to help me, I know it will only be a matter of time before I am hearing “How long do you think it will be before you get through all these boxes?” LOL…

Keep in mind this is the short list. I am not going to mention the 2009/2010 income tax issues that I am still dealing with, or the house in another state that still needs renovation and the many other things on my back burner….

AND…. Let’s not forget that I would like some sort of social life when possible.  And I don’t even have children yet… OMG!!!  LOL…. Only heaven knows how the mother’s do it especially the single mothers. God Bless THEM!!! Each and every one of you….

 Okay… getting back to the point… Yep for me… the past 5 weeks have been something else… My plate of responsibilities is piled high and while I am eating, some days it seems like the pile is only getting higher.  I continue to re-evaluate the things on my list. I look at how I am approaching them and I continue to look for ways to work smarter not harder. I continue to ask myself how can I find balance. How can I find the space I want to be in, while moving forward with peace of mind all while getting things done with the level of excellence that I expect of myself.

I am working on the solution and day by day things are falling into place. I know one thing for sure, if I keep eating things one at a time, the plate will get clear. (Yes, I know… it will be cleared and then I will go back for seconds LOL) I also know that some things need to be removed and given away, shared, or put down the garbage disposable and I am working on that too HA! 😀

When I think about balance in life I often think about doing yoga.  With many of the one legged balancing poses there is that sweet spot that you look for.  As your practice grows, you find a balancing pose becomes easier and easier until you find that sweet spot.  Once you find it, you love to do the pose. You are at peace in the pose, you breathe easy and you feel like you could hold that pose forever.  That’s forever until you modify it to a more advanced version and then you are back at square one until you find another sweet spot.

Life is kind of like that to me.  We add things and remove things from our plates and we have to learn to re-balance as we grow and advance. We have to re-prioritize and re-organize to find that point of balance; That sweet spot if you will.  The way I see it, looking for that sweet spot is a part of life’s journey.  It’s just the way it is. We can choose to continue to teeter and totter until we find that sweet spot or we can give up and fall down.  I think I am going to continue to teeter and totter. It’s a little crazy at times but ultimately I think life is more fun that way.

What about you?? Are you looking for balance in your life or have you found your Sweet Spot? What things have worked for you to find balance when you feel like you are about to fall off the ledge?


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