Do you need an Intervention??

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the need to identify and surround yourself with your personal cheerleaders. Since that time I had another personal revelation and realized I needed what I have been calling a personal Intervention. Two different concepts that I’ve heard often over the years kept creeping into my head. ONE: You have to get out of your own way… and TWO: You have to stop blocking your blessings.

I believe in many ways, I won’t provide details here 😉 that I have been doing both. That self sabotage monster has been eating away at my energy, my focus, my action. As I began to accept this I began to stage a personal intervention. In fact a few nights ago, the intervention caused me to get on the treadmill at 1:00 AM and do three miles. Trust me when I tell you… I did NOT want to do it, yet I found myself having one of  THE  BEST  three mile work outs in months. I felt great afterwards. I followed it with a long hot shower including a sugar body scrub, watched a little TV and slept like a baby.

Once your intention is in the right place and you truly, legitimately begin to focus on that positive intention, the universe begins to put things in front of you to help you with moving forward so that you can give your gift to the world and you can receive your blessings. The people you need to meet, the contacts you need to make, the messages you need to hear… all of them begin to come forth naturally, in order just as you need them too. As this happens, and as you surround yourself with positive people, like those cheerleaders I mentioned, you keep moving forward. As I orchestrate my personal intervention, I am watching this happen in my world. The things happening so far may be seemingly small to some but to me they are NOT insignificant.

We have to be ready to “Bloom where we are planted.” We have to accept where we are while understanding this does NOT mean settling. We have to open our eyes, because once we get out of our way and stop blocking them… the blessings, the lessons, the energy we need and the answers we seek are right in front of us.

We are all here to Birth Something Beautiful. And just like in PREGNANCY… in LIFE, if we want the best, we have to nurture our bodies our Spirits and our Souls. We have to listen and we have to learn. We have to grow physically, mentally, spiritually. We have to rest, eat well, exercise and take care of ourselves. We have to get out of our own way and let life happen. We have to learn to deal with what is, accept it in the moment, and then figure out what position changes to make that will make it all a little easier.

While in BIRTH, you can’t fight the contractions. In LIFE you can’t fight… well LIFE. (Technically you can… but fighting only makes it more difficult.) You don’t just sit still and take it. But, you do have to sit and examine it for a minute. Mediate on it. Focus. Re-group and then you MOVE!!

In LABOR… your baby and your body will tell you what position you should take next if you focus and listen. In LIFE… your Spirit and your intuition will tell you what position to take next if you learn to focus and listen. Either way… you have to learn to ride the rushes and allow them to move you to your moment of truth. As you do, the right people, the right doula, the right midwife, the right messages, the right encouragement, the right touch, the right nurse, the right circumstances, will manifest in your world and the outcome… the result… the miracles that can and will happen are indeed wonderful. You will see the proof that YES!!!! you can truly indeed Birth Something Beautiful.

I want to share with you two quotes from Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery that recently spoke to me:

From the story of Noah’s Birthing:
“Learning how to integrate the rushes was like climbing a mountain-just when I’d get to a place where I could integrate them pretty well, they would change and get a lot heavier, and I’d have to learn to integrate them again.”

This told me: Just when we think we know where life it taking us, something happens. Our plans are overturned, we hit a bump in the road (cancer, a job loss, death, a natural disaster…) and we have to regroup and get re-fouced again. Or like in my current case, we have to stage a personal intervention.

From Timothy, Andrew, and Angelo Figallo’s Births:
“From birth you learn about the people around you, the people you are close to, the people far away, the people who came before, and those yet to come. You deepen your understanding of what it really means to be All One. When you value something, it’s valuable; when you share love, there’s more. It’s a sweet moment you wish could last forever. A miracle every time. You know if everyone could just get it, what a wonderful, peaceful, worth-it world it would be.”

This reminded me: YES… we are All One. We are Uni-versally connected. Life is a special miracle and if we could all just be in tune to love, we could all get out of our own way, Birth Something Beautiful and YES!!! “what a wonderful, peaceful, worth-it world it would be” INDEED!!

Are you blocking your blessings? Do you need to get out of your own way? Is it time for  a personal intervention or is it simply time for you to move. Either way… the time is NOW! Lets make it happen.

Lets all get out there and Birth Something Beautiful!!!

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