Using My Phone to Blog

There are often things that cross my mind throughout my day that I want to share on this blog. I make a mental note and often a real pen to paper note about it and for a multitude of reasons the blog is never written and the information never shared. I decided today that I would try to blog from my phone ap. This is my first attempt. This post is not full of any particular words of wisdom. In fact its only a test… Yes this is a test… Not of the emergency broadcast system but of my ability to continue to lean new technology. This might be fun… This will definitely teach me to be efficient with my words… Which may help as I move to write this book…  It will also require more tolerance of typos… Whatever may come of it…. I can say today… This slide out keyboard may come in handy afterall.  #GiveThanks


3 responses to “Using My Phone to Blog

  1. P.S. Sorry for the grammar and spelling… I’m still waking up and typing this with my phone. 🙂

  2. I do the same! I haven’t tried the app on my phone yet, I just use the browser.

    I got a suggestion that may help you. Have two different blogs. Have the one blog that you add more perfection to as well as take more time to think an article through. Then create another blog that you can write on the fly with out worry of everything being perfect.

    Then link the two blogs together in your upper menu.

    That’s how I did it. I got my one blog that’s like a micro blog, it’s not meant to be perfect. I did to share things with my phone. I here what you’re saying, I go through that everyday… so many things to write, but they disappear.

    Another good suggestion is to get some kind of office software on your phonephone. This comes in handy when you really want to take some time on an article! You can write a little, save it till later, write a little more then copy and paste it into your main blog.

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