To Wear or Not to Wear…

I have a job that has me travelling a LOT. I mean a LOT. I might be in 4-8 airports in any given week including layovers.  As I go about my travels naturally I notice pregnant women, new moms, families with children etc. Recently I have been watching and comparing families who are baby wearing to families who use strollers inside the airports. I must admit that I don’t have children. I have travelled with small children but never a baby or young toddler. I have never had to make the choice between baby wearing or stroller while travelling. That being said I believe I would definitely prefer baby wearing. I watch the mothers alone, trying to hold the baby while also trying to open a stroller. Things fall, she looks dishelved and annoyed. The stroller is big, akward, and in the way. They have to stop just before boarding to get baby out of stroller. And stop to reload on arrival.  Then I watch the moms that baby wear and they just keep it moving. They seem much more organized and a lot less stressed. I don’t know what the rules are for checking a stroller with baggage. I don’t know if there is a random extra fee which would definitely impact my decision but trust me when I tell you…baby wearing looks a lot easier not to mention all of the other benefits that go along with it. I do wonder though… At what age do you decide to stop baby wearing and opt for the stroller?? What say you? Do you travel with an infant. Do you wear your baby or use a stroller?


6 responses to “To Wear or Not to Wear…

  1. and that’s when you transition to wearing your kiddo on your back! Then you have your arms back 🙂

  2. I wore my babies until they were able to walk around on their own without me running after them.

  3. I have loved wearing my babies. I’ve never been on an airplane, but do my grocery shopping and other activities while wearing my almost 2yr old now. When I do use my stroller, it’s to carry the rest of my crap.

  4. I do love babywearing. My son is 7 months and gets worn when I need to use a cart (my 3 year old goes in there). However, I do find it hard when I need to do things with my hands – similar to being pregnant, my arms just don’t feel long enough…

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