The Black Birth Carnival: Call for Submissions (Submission Date Extended!!)

There are many blogs, and many bloggers out there, talking birth.  Some are bloggers who blog about birth occasionally, while others talk birth regularly.  Regardless of the frequency, they blog about the statistics, the interventions and the cesareans.  They talk about the good births, the bad births, the post partum period, breastfeeding and more. They discuss the how comes and the whys, and there is no shortage of opinions on why you should and why you shouldn’t.

Amidst these many blogs are a few bloggers who might classify themselves as Black, Mocha, African American, Mahogany, Afrikan…  I call them Sista Midwives.  Those few of us who in addition to blogging about birth often, and some exclusively, write posts that are written specifically for, about, and from our perspectives as Black Women.   One might ask… “So is birth really THAT much different for Black Women, when compared to Latina, Asian or Caucasian women?”  I say yes, Yes, YES.

Sure the babies physically are born the same way.  However… the joys and the pains of birth manifest differently in our lives; the spiritual, psychological, physical, emotional and cultural difference that exist are real and significant.  It is just as important to note that as no two women of ANY ethnic group birth exactly the same, the birth stories and experiences of Black Women nationally and internationally are wide are varied.

So when Diva Blogger Extraordinaire Darcel, of The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe came to me with the idea of putting together a new blog carnival I was delighted and jumped right on board. That being said, I am very excited to be introducing you to The Black Birth Carnival, that we, myself… Nicole @SistaMidwife Deggins  &  Darcel… @MahoganyWayMama, will bring to you throughout the year.  You can follow both of us on twitter and check out #BlackBirth to get continual updates about the progress and postings of The Black Birth Carnival.

In this first Carnival:  Birthing While Black… A Historical Perspective, we invite you to submit an article or blog post that incorporates in some way, the history of Black Women giving birth. Write about the images that come to mind when you read the title for this first Carnival.  Tell us how your birth choices today are affected by your personal historical perspective.  How do you think our birthing history affects the birth choices of women in our/your community?  What unique bit of history can you share about the historical perspective of Birthing While Black? What gives you special pride when you look back into history and visualize Black Women giving birth? Submit an article or blog about anything that you feel will highlight and incorporate our theme Birthing While Black… A Historical Perspective.

What is a Blog Carnival
A blog carnival is a collection of blog posts from a variety of bloggers on a particular subject, published on the same day.  This blog carnival will be published/go live Tuesday March 27th.  In addition to posting his/her article, each blogger provides links to all of the other posts submitted.  Because of this, blog carnivals are a great way to learn about other fabulous bloggers.  They give you an opportunity to connect with others and have the potential to increase traffic to your blog.  If you do not have a personal blog and want to participate, please email us ASAP at BlackBirthCarnival at gmail dot com so that we can find a host blog for your article submission.

Guidelines and Instructions for Submissions
We are looking for posts that are well written, informative, thought provoking and relevant to the theme of the carnival.  We prefer that you submit a new, unpublished post for the carnival however, if you feel you have the “perfect post” that has been previously published we will accept it. 😉

Please email your post to us at BlackBirthCarnival at gmail dot com  no later than Tuesday,  March 20th (Attention:  We have decided to extend this date and now submissions are due no later than 11:59PM on Wednesday, March 21st) Be sure to put March Carnival in the subject line of the email and don’t forget to give us the title of your post. We cannot accept your submission without a title.

You will receive an HTML code with instructions via email no later than March 26th.  You will need to place this code in your blog post so that you will link up with all of the other blogs participating in the carnival.  For the success of the carnival, it’s important that you add this code.  Please do not publish your post until after midnight on the 27th.  We are excited about this new Blog Carnival and we look forward to receiving your submissions.

In Birth and Love
Darcel @mahoganywaymama  & Nicole @SistaMidwife
Let’s Celebrate #BlackBirth


11 responses to “The Black Birth Carnival: Call for Submissions (Submission Date Extended!!)

  1. I just saw this and it is April. I’ll try to join next time! So glad you are doing this.<3

  2. Hope to jump on board the next time! 🙂

  3. Oh wow how awesome! I’m so late reading this lol! I am late for joining up this time but, will look forward to the next date.

  4. Wonderful idea, I am really going to push to send something in. I’m looking forward to it!

  5. This is awesome!!! Great job ladies.

  6. Nicole and Darcel–what a fabulous idea! I look forward to seeing the Black Birth Carnival manifest and reading the blogs. Blessings, Geradine Simkins

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