Women’s Herbal Workshop in Louisiana

Do you want to learn how to make your own herbal Infusions, Tinctures & Salves?  Do you live in OR are you willing to travel to Louisiana?
If you answered yes to these questions this is for YOU!

Join Divine of Supreme Wellness for a Women’s Herbal Circle Workshop:
Infusions, Tinctures & Salves for the Pre-Natal Period & Beyond

This workshop will be held in Opelousas, Louisiana SATURDAY MAY 5, 2012 11AM-2PM

Topics Covered include:  *Anemia *Sore Muscle Healing *Weak Cervix *Miscarriage Prevention *Hemorrhage Prevention *Perineum Healing *Water Retention

This will be a full HANDS  ON  experience.  Every student will leave with their own tincture, infusion, & salve. All supplies & herbs will be provided.


For more info: Contact Divine via email: supreme_wellness at yahoo dot com or hit her up on twitter @SUPRMWellness.


2 responses to “Women’s Herbal Workshop in Louisiana

  1. This should come to chicago

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