Mothers are STRONG & Everyday is Mother’s Day

Today is the day… determined by some legal decision of another date and time… that we celebrate Mother’s Day. I don’t know the origins of this day and honestly it doesn’t matter to me at this point. But if you want details about the history and origins of Mother’s Day… check out 😉

In general, I feel about Mothers Day the same way I feel about other holidays… Often started with good intentions today they are so commercialized the real meaning is lost in the material bullshit.  Now I’m not saying I’m all bah humbug but I will admit my favorite holiday character is the Grinch LOL but I digress….

The bottom line is I believe people, love, faith, relationships and yes MOTHERS should be celebrated everyday not just once a year.  There was a time when I refused to celebrate mother’s day under the premise that I love my mother 365 days a year and a Hallmark card wasnt needed to make it so.  I think that time period kinda hurt my mothers feelings :-/

Today I gave my mother a card.  It was a basic card with an appropriate message and then of course I included my own little personal note.  I gave her this card and previous cards, not because I started believing mothers day really mattered but rather to remind myself how much SHE really mattered to me.

As I continue to watch my mother deal with the side affects of multiple myeloma, and its varying treatments, I am constantly reminded how precious each day is. I am amazed at my mother’s strength and at her continued commitment to excellence in life. My mother is a STRONG woman.  IMO… ALL mothers are strong. Even the ones society may deem weak or the ones considered “bad.” Becoming a mother is a miracle and Mothering is no easy task. Yes… ALL mothers are strong.

In my line of work, you really have a chance to get up close and personal with the strength of women. The strength of mothers.  In this work, you really understand the reality that everyday is indeed a great day to Birth Something Beautiful™. And as a result everyday is Mothers Day.

Today I salute my mother and the strong mothers everywhere.  Without you my passion would be nonexistent. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I pray that when I am blessed to become a mother I will be at least half as strong.


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