Monday Musing… Being Off Time

The following is a post that could be considered late… delayed… or even post dates.  And yet in the end it’s right on time…. Close your eyes for a second, and imagine its December 31, 2012.

Tomorrow, per the Gregorian calendar, is the first day of 2013. Many people see this as a time of new beginnings, new birth, and recommitment.  There was a time when I made New Year’s resolutions and made plans each January to do something different in order to move my life along towards my goals.  These days I generally do resolutions/recommitments around my birthday. This year my birthday came and went quickly, with little fan fare, and as a result, with little resolution or recommitments.  I think subconsciously something about turning 40 had me in a strange place.  But I digress… Fortunately, I see each day as a new day, each week as a new week, each month as a new month and a new time to renew, to recommit.   There is, as they say, No time like the present so why do we wait until December 31/ January 1st to make changes in our lives???

Sooooo… THAT’s how my 2013 New Year’s post started 4 weeks ago.  As you can see it’s now 4+ weeks later and I am JUST getting around to posting on my blog.  One of my goals for 2013 was to get better with my blogging.  I wanted to post this in a timely manner.  I wanted to start 2013 off on time, with a blog post about time.  And in spite of my best efforts, here I am in the second month of the year FINALLY getting this post completed.  This brings me to the point of my post then (on December 31st) and now.  TIME, as we know it, is really all a farce designed to help us TRY to control that which is really out of our control.

I mean think about it… Our years, our days, our clocks have all been MANipulated.   The calculation of leap year has changed drastically over the centuries, every year we spring forward and fall back, and if you go to a country that is not based in Christianity, the years are completely different and it is NOT 2013.  When it comes to time, it all depends on who you ask, where you are and what you believe.  Who decided that THIS should mark MY new year?

Time, as we know it, truly is an illusion and it creates stress in many lives. It created stress for me as I felt like the time had passed for me to write a New Year’s post. But then I remembered that this is perfect timing. There is no deadline here.  Sometimes we have to learn that OUR time is not DIVINE time and its divine time and order that really make the difference.  Sometimes we have to learn to be patient, to wait, and to take things as they come.  This does not mean that we don’t move or take action.  It just means that sometimes we have to understand that OUR time is not the ONLY time nor is it necessarily the right time.  Sometimes we need to slow down and sometimes we even need to sit and wait. This is a lesson I am learning right now.  I used to live by the clock. I remember hearing the adage:  “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unthinkable.”  I said it. I believed it.  And I lived by it.

These days I am learning that sometimes it’s okay to be off time.  What about you?? Do you ever get caught up in the web of time? Does it ever create stress in your life?  It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to stretch out deadlines and watch things as they unfold.   It’s okay to take a break, to take a nap, to have a moment of silence and to enjoy the calm before the storm.

As with all things… birth has a lesson to teach us about time.  Babies come when they are ready if we allow them to.  Other blessings in our lives move in much the same way. When we force the process we often end up with a mess.  We have to learn patience. We have to have faith. We have to learn to keep a watchful eye while allowing things to unfold as they may. We have to be vigilant, ever ready to move when the time is right.  And sometimes… as any midwife knows… all you can do, need to do, have to do, is sit on your hands and allow time to tell.

Some may think this is late in coming but ummmmm Happy New Year!!??!! LOL
Here’s to a great year where every day is a new day to start anew and to Birth Something Beautiful.


4 responses to “Monday Musing… Being Off Time

  1. This post is so timely for me. For years I’ve whined, complained and worried about when I would be able to chase my dreams. The timing wasn’t right, but things seem to be lining up now.

    • All in due time Sis. We have to learn to listen and move when it is time and listen and sit still when its not. It can be frustrating. I’m certainly still learning but when the timing is right all things line up in order. Not every perfectly but seemingly much more so than before 🙂

  2. I loved this post Nicole. It was like going to over-acheivers church this morning. Many favorite lines and this is one of the best reminders from you: “TIME, as we know it, is really all a farce designed to help us TRY to control that which is really out of our control.” It’s great because there have been all things I have been trying to control. Like I’m starting some kind of fight with control (LOSING!) and maybe there just is no control. Just response and fantasy, you know? I can only imagine how TIRED of lack of control pregnant moms must feel when the due date approaches and they’re all tired and the doc comes in and says “INDUCE” for no other reason than insurance and an un-holy [sic] desire to rush an experience because of time. This insanity has definitely created quite the “mess” for the current C-section culture of birth. Thank god for your sanity and midwives!

    • LOL at “over-achievers church” I’m so happy that I am learning that its okay to be “off time” sometimes ya know. It has realived a lot of stress and interestingly enough whenI focus more on just getting something done instead of driving myself crazy about what I was supposed to do and when… I become a LOT more productive. Go figure LOL Thanks for reading and commenting!

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