The Birth Plan Myth

Are you pregnant or trying to conceive?
Are you a doula or childbirth educator?
Hare you heard of the infamous birth plan?
Are you planning to prepare a birth plan?
Do you advise your clients to prepare birth plans?
Have you googled “Birth Plan” recently?
I did… Wanna know what I found???
147,000,000 results!!

Unfortunately… most of them by and large give women the false belief that writing a Birth Plan will have a significant impact on their birth experience.  The reality is, in hospitals where birth plans are respected, they are hardly needed and in hospitals where they don’t respect them…… weeelllll  it may have LITTLE impact on what happens!

Join me THURSDAY on my next FREE tele-class as I share The Birth Plan Myth.  Learn more and register for this free call HERE

After this call you will …

  • Understand how to avoid the most common mistakes women make when creating a birth plan and have insights that will help you create the birth experience you want with or without a Birth Plan
  • Know the phrases that immediately diminish the power of a Birth Plan and the language you need to feel more confident when discussing your birth with your provider.

I hope you can make it!!
Thursday, April 18th ~ 8PM CST / 9PM EST
Join us live and participate in our Q & A portion.
Can’t make the call?
Register so you can get access to the recording.

 Don’t take a birth plan to the hospital until you listen to this call!

Register HERE

I look forward to working with you to Birth Something Beautiful!


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