HELP Improve Birth for Women

Help me start a Community Doula Network in Louisiana!

Below are the words from my personal fundraising campaign through Indiegogo. I am VERY Commited to making this happen and I pray that you will be so moved to endorse this project and share it with others.

The campaign launched last week.  We are on our way and have already rasied over $300 and I look foward to reaching our fundraising goal.  You can help by donating through Indiegogo directly or by sending a donations via paypal to Nicole at sistamidwife dot com.  You can also help by sharing and recommending our campaign to others. THANK YOU for your support. Continue reading to learn more about the program I am starting.

If we can inspire women to fight for better birth experiences, they will become inspired to fight for better communities. Doulas inspire that fight. We need more doulas in New Orleans and we need more doulas throughout the state of Louisiana.

The perinatal outcomes in Louisiana are deplorable. We have the highest c/s rate, we have the second highest maternal mortality rate and the third highest infant mortality rate in the country. Research shows that the availability of community doulas can improve birth outcomes. Women who use doulas report feeling more knowledgeable, they have fewer c/sections, they breast feed more often and for longer periods of time; they report increased satisfaction with their birth experiences and less post partum depression. That being said, IMO, all women should have an equal opportunity to hire a doula. Unfortunately all women don’t. In many places across the country, Louisiana included, women can’t find or can’t afford to hire a doula.

When I moved home to New Orleans in 2010, I knew I wanted to work to make birth better in my city. I was not exactly sure what role I would play, but I knew I needed to do something. As the Louisiana State Rep for ICTC, I have been reminded that there is a LOT of work to be done all over my state. I have received multiple calls from many women who are starting or want to start their birth work journey. Earlier this year, it came to me…. “I need to create a community doula program/network.” Once I made the decision women literally began to show up; women who genuinely want this information; women who are; ready to work.

We need YOU!

This June, Sista Midwife Productions will hold the first of many doula trainings in Louisiana.  Our goal is to train at least 30 women over the course of three training dates before the end of this year. Specifically, we will be looking to train women from various parts of the state who are committed to becoming a part of a community doula network. This community doula network will provide community outreach and education, free neighborhood-based pregnancy celebration events, free doula services, and ongoing education and support for the doulas within the network.

Our initial goal is to raise enough funds to give each doula student a scholarship, to purchase necessary training supplies, and to support our early community outreach efforts. Any funds raised above this initial goal will go toward providing free and discounted doula services and to hosting our monthly neighborhood pregnancy celebrations.

We already have women from across the state interested in participating in this training, and are committed to working as a part of a community doula network. While deposits have been made, many have limited income and are struggling to pay the full registration. I don’t want to deny them the opportunity to do the work they are called to do because of finances. The donations you make will help make sure that doesn’t happen. Please donate today!!!

Unable to give personally?? Spread the Word!!!

I understand. I have been there. You may really want to help but you are unable to send your donation today. No problem. Please help us by spreading the word about this Indiegogo campaign. There may be people in your network who know doulas, who are doulas, who have used a doula… people who understand the value of community doulas who may be able to make a contribution.

Remember… Improving birth outcomes is a collective effort. Each positive change for a mother in LA is a change for mothers everywhere. Thank you for your support!! Together we can help women everywhere Birth Something Beautiful


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