Are we Listening to Mothers?

Do you know about the “Listening to Mothers” reports?  They are a WONDERFUL resource for anyone who is working with or on behalf of childbearing women and families.  The first report was published as a project of Childbirth Connection in 2002.  That report was … “the first national U.S. survey of women’s childbearing experiences.  They survey explored women’s attitudes, feelings and knowledge about many aspects of their maternity experiences.“   A second report, Listening to Mothers II was released in 2006 and last week they released the newest report Listening to Mother’s III.

Unfortunately, I have not had the time to read through this third report but I am very excited about the report as well as all of the data analyses they have created.  I know this report will bring more valuable information to help support our work as mother friendly advocates.  If you haven’t heard of these report before… its time you get to know them.  LTM III Cover

In the email they sent announcing the release of the third and most recent report they say  “As with previous Listening to Mothers surveys, the latest data show that risky procedures are overused, many beneficial practices are underused, and all too often women lack the support and knowledge required to effectively navigate their maternity care.”  This is an unfortuante finding. In 10 years… the results haven’t changed. Be sure to get your hands on a copy of this full report.  The fight definitely continues

Have you read any of the Listening to Mothers Surveys? Have you seen/read the most recent one? What was your biggest take away or surprising finding.


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