Enviromental Exposure, Breast Cancer & Chemical Policy Reform

Are you familiar with Breast Cancer Action? They call themselves “the watchdog of the breast cancer movement. From their website… “[They] are able to tell the truth about the epidemic because [they] are the only national breast cancer organization that does not accept funding from entities that profit from or contribute to cancer, including the pharmaceutical industry.”

They are the organization that created the “Think before you pink” campaign and based on what I know, I like what they stand for.  That being said, I think we should all mark our calendars for their upcoming FREE webinar:  What’s the Big Idea? Environmental Exposures and the State of Chemical Policy Reform. This webinar will be offered twice, once on August 1st and once on August 2nd.  During the webinar they will discuss how environmental chemicals can act as “uncontrolled medicine” They will cover the endocrine disrupting effects of environmental chemicals, the state of chemical reform right now, and the difference between The Safe Chemicals Act & The Chemical Safety Improvement Act.  Learn more and register for this FREE webinar HERE!


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