Does your provider know the research?

This JUST happened and I could not go on without sharing this.  I’m almost speechless but I had to say something LOL… (But its NOT funny)

I often read little research blurbs and then see and hear what goes on during hospital birth and wonder to myself  “Has anybody around here picked up a scholarly journal since graduating from nursing/medical/midwifery school?”

I am by no means a research buff nor do I profess to be but there are some things that have been shown, and discussed, and proven over, and over, and over and to me its common knowledge. One of those things is the benefit of fetal growth through (and beyond) 39 weeks.  Research has shown, before then… all bets are off.  This common knowledge has instituted the 39 week hard stop policies that have been implemented across the country to stop providers from doing elective c/sections and elective inductions prior to a woman reaching her 39th week of pregnancy.  Where these policies have been enforced, they have seen c/section rates decrease, more successful inductions, and fewer NICU admissions. The March of Dimes has a national campaign around the issue.

With that in mind…. it is shameful for me to participate in an online CEU module put together by Medscape, a well respected online portal of information and educational opportunities and see THIS:

First there was the case study followed by this question:  “According to the ACOG recommendations, when is the earliest a fetus can be delivered with a low risk of respiratory and nonrespiratory morbidities?”

I answered the multiple choice question, clicked enter then saw this chart.

 Your Colleagues Responded:
At 34 to 36 weeks’ gestation  16%
At 37 weeks’ gestation  22%
At 38 weeks’ gestation  19%
At 39 weeks’ gestation Correct Answer  43%

*Blank Stare*     Only 43% of the individuals taking this test got that right? SERIOUSLY??!! And we wonder why things are moving at such a slow pace…. WOW!! There is work to be done. #FistUp

Did you know the answer to this questions? Does your doctor/midwife/nurse know the answer to this question?



One response to “Does your provider know the research?

  1. I was aware of this. I would say that not knowing better is giving them the benefit of the doubt. I had clients who had inductions which resulted in c-sections at 36-37 weeks… for various reasons… i.e., Dr. Family vacations on due date, to be back to work in 6-weeks, and for spousal attendance (military). But most of all I think it boils down to the dollar. SMH

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