The Birth Plan Myth – A 6 Class Course

I am very excited about my upcoming educational series.  This series will be for mothers, fathers, doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, nurses, birth advocates, reproductive rights activist and anyone interested in learning more about what goes in modern day obstetrics and what you need to know and do to work within the system in order to #BirthSomethingBeautiful.

This 6-part web based series will build on my popular call The Birth Plan Myth.  During this series, we will cover topics like:
Creating a Birth Philosophy
Informed Refusal and Patient Rights
Understanding Interventions
Normal Newborn Hospital Procedures
Creating an Empowered Birth
Eating and Drinking in Labor
Epidurals and MORE…

This course will begin November 2013 and I want your opinion on how I should schedule these six live web classes.  Please take a moment to share your opinion and then stay in tuned.  Select two answers. One to determine how many times a week the class should be and one to determine if the class should be on the weekend or during the week.  I will announce details for the series soon! THANK YOU for your assistance!!


3 responses to “The Birth Plan Myth – A 6 Class Course

  1. This is very educational and needed

  2. I greatly enjoyed the Birth Plan Myth call and am anxiously awaiting this series!! You are a wonderful instructor and have great insight. Please have it afterhours!!! Or if not maybe a way to access the recordings later!!!! I wish you all the success you deserve.

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