Wahington DC | MATRONA: Quantum Midwifery and Undisturbed Birth – 5 Day Retreat for WOC

I attended this retreat in ATL earlier this year and it literally changed me. It was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my midwifery training to date. I look forward to working to bring them to NOLA for 2014. In the meantime…. if you are in the DC area or if you can make it…. this is highly recommended. Get there…

Midwives of Color


The Program – Quantum Midwifery and Undisturbed Birth

Nov. 4-8th, 2013


To register: contact Claudia Booker, CPM, at DCBirthingHands@aol.com, by October 5th

Cost: $90

Join midwives Whapio Diane Bartlett and Tolewa Oyewole of the Matrona for a 5-day retreat for Women of Colors in Washington DC.

This is a program for anyone interested in childbirth – midwives, mothers, practitioners, doulas, birth advocates, students, caregivers, and doctors. We will spend these days together exploring Quantum Midwifery and Undisturbed Birth. Please plan to attend all 5 days, but we will understand if your schedule will not allow you to.

The fee for this 5-day retreat is $90.00 (first round registration and payment closes October 10th). This fee is to cover the costs of holding the retreat, including the cost of supplies and hand outs and the expenses of the presenters. Whapio and Tolewa are volunteering their…

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