FREE Webinar – “What are the Pink Ribbons Hiding?”

The following is an excerpt from an email I received from  They are the folk that coined the term “Pink Washing’ and like I am passionate about telling the TRUTH about childbirth options… they are passionate about telling the TRUTH about Breast Cancer and the “fight for the cure”  Read below and then follow the link to sign up for their free webinar coming up October 16th.

“Why is the breast cancer epidemic still raging after 30 years of “awareness” and pink ribbon products? Each year, corporations pack the shelves with pink ribbon products, surrounding us with “breast cancer awareness” messages. These products help raise billions of dollars in the name of breast cancer, yet more than 40,000 women in the U.S. still die of the disease every year.

And some of these pink ribbon products actually contain chemicals that increase our risk of breast cancer! At Breast Cancer Action, we call this pinkwashing: when companies make money off breast cancer while also increasing our risk of the disease. Time and again, companies are profiting off breast cancer while women are paying with their lives. We’ve had it up to here with this hypocritical practice.”

Click the link and get more information so you can join them for their FREE Webinar:  What are the Pink Ribbons Hiding?


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