2nd Installation: Maternity Hospital / FGM

So wonderful to hear how Mama Nonkululeko is doing on her trip to Somaliland!


I am Nonkululeko, beginning my 3rd week here in Somaliland at the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital.

I am here working as a nurse-midwife in a volunteer capacity.Part of my responsibility is to supervise nursing students in their clinical practice.There is another nurse-midwife who is from Australia and so far we ARE TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER. We have decided that I will cover the delivery room/maternity unit and she will cover the newborn intensive care unit and the medical unit.

Edna Adan Maternity hospital is a small private hospital founded by a nurse-midwife, Edna Adan who received her nurse-midwifery education as a scholarship student in Britain many years ago. Her background is very impressive. Born in Somaliland, she never lost her dream to one day build a hospital that would deal with the staggering infant and maternity mortality rates that plague Somaliland to this day. Since the hospital has opened in…

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