Patience is a Virtue: Six is the new Four

Its still April and its still Cesarean Awareness Month and I still want to talk about prevention.  The most common reason a first time mom has a c/section is labor dystocia. Labor dystocia may be diagnosed if a mother stops dilating while she is in labor. Labor dystocia may also be the diagnosis of choice if a provider believes a woman is not dilating fast enough.  And “fast enough” is relative.

Recent research tells us that the common time limits given to women based on out dated data collected by Dr. Friedman should be done away with.  Recent research shows us that giving women more time to labor before making a decision to do a c/section can be what she needs to achieve a vaginal delivery.  I have definitely seen a couple of extra hours be all a woman needs to move to 10cm.  It was never on purpose but I have seen times when two mothers “needed” a c/section; One because she was experiencing dystocia and one because her baby was having distress. Of course the mom with the fetal distress gets her c/section first. And low and behold… by the time the first c/section was over, and the operating room was cleaned and made ready, the second mom has progressed to completely dilated and is ready to birth her baby.  Watching this experience always made me laugh.  Now I want you to watch this video and get some more insight into the reality of being patient in labor.

Recent research does not always translate into practice change. With that reality in mind, my goal is to provide YOU with information so that if your doctor/midwife is not aware of this new research, you can educate them about it.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to share this information with your provider.  Its critical and can be the difference between the birth you envision and a c/section.  Remember six is the new four and patience is a virtue 🙂


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