Teaching OUR Daughters

I saw this in my facebook news feed a few days ago.

Malia’s Magnificent Moontime: A Holistic Guide to Menstrual Self-Care

Malia's Magnificent Moontime

I love the premise of this book.  “Malia’s Magnificent Moontime is a heartwarming story about a girl coming to terms with her first menstrual period. Unlike many coming-of-age books, the focus of this story is holistic self-care to ease menstrual symptoms, instead of concentrating on the more mature details of sexual intercourse. Angela Shabazz of Indigenous Wellness Solutions understands that for many reasons, our daughter’s bodies are maturing faster now than ever before. Often our little girls reach puberty long before they are emotionally ready for it. They deserve a wholesome health education. Teaching our daughters valuable information about their menstrual cycle can be uncomfortable. Malia’s Magnificent Moontime makes conversation easy. Although this charming book is a narrative designed for girls aged 6-12, it includes helpful tips that any woman can use to enjoy more tranquil menstrual periods and improved feminine wellness.”   

Get your copy from Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0692656022/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk


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