Pregnant and Powerful… Mary Mary at the Essence Music Festival

This past Saturday I took a little bit of time to chill and party with friends and attended the Essence Music Festival (EMF).  For those who don’t know anything about Essence Music Festival…  It’s the biggest R & B family/party/music event Nationwide.  It takes place annually in New Orleans during the Fourth of July weekend and it has since 1995.  Since I live in New Orleans, it’s no big feat to go.  I don’t go as often as I used to go but the energy of my city changes each July as the EMF gets underway. This year was the 18th. Want to know more about the festival?? You can check out this article/broadcast from NPR.

Any whoo….  The Saturday night concerts included a performance by the dynamic sister duo Mary Mary. As soon as they hit the stage I was on my feet beaming proud and smiling from ear to ear as if they were MY sisters.   While most in the audience may have been excited because of the music they were signing. I was excited because I immediately noticed that Tina Campbell, half of the duo, was WAAAY pregnant and BEE-U-TEA-FUL!!!  Her voice was flawless, her outfit stylish and she was glowing.  It was FAB!!!

She talked about her pants that she had to stop and pull up a couple of times.  “I have never performed THIS pregnant” she told us and as she pulled them up…. She teased…. “Yea I look good.  You can look. That’s how I got pregnant. You didn’t know?” LOLOL… and she DID look good. Looked like she was wearing a little disco ball 🙂


I’m sure putting on a high energy show like the one Mary Mary gave while nearly full term pregnant is no easy feat. She did it in stride and made it look effortless. I loved it. Just watching her in her mommy glory… that was the special highlight of my night.

I remember seeing Alicia Keys and Beyonce on television during award shows performing pregnant. It was different however watching Tina Campbell perform live and in person. She was working the stage and working that beautiful belly.  The only thing that would have made it all better would have been a voice on the microphone coming from back stage…  “Attention… Tina has gone into labor…. Is there a midwife in the house” LOL… I woulda been all over it!!!  Have you ever seen a live concert where the artist was pregnant? How did it make you feel watching her work the stage? I loved it!!


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